Blue Jay Point, Falls Lake


Last Fall I hiked some of the trails around Blue Jay Point, a little peninsula that juts out into Falls Lake. First time I hiked this trail I parked on Six Forks, and hiked along Falls Lake Trail to the trail that leads down to the point. This part of the lake is hilly, so there was a lot of up and down with occasional views of the lake. When I reached the Blue Jay Point trail, I knew the lake was to the right, but I noticed it led somewhere else to the left. Later I reviewed the maps, and learned there was a nice County Park only a quarter mile from the point. On subsequent trips I parked at the County Park.

The point turned out to be a great spot for wildlife photography. There were American Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Cormorants and Terns, all fishing the lake, and an abundant variety of wild birds in the woods around the lake, including a few Blue Jays.

I ended up visiting this area 4 or 5 more times and explored the surrounding trails and shoreline. The county park turned out to be a great place to visit. Plenty of parking and facilities. There’s a zipline company there and lots of picnic tables and a few ball fields. And there are multiple trails down to the lake.

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